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About Us

Key Infant Development Services (K.I.D.S. Program) is a home-based, family-focused Early Intervention program designed to support eligible children and their families at no cost. The K.I.D.S. Program supports infants and toddlers from ages 0-3 (birth to their 3rd birthday).

Children grow rapidly in the first three years of life. When delays are identified, early intervention can help families enhance the development of their child.

Infants and toddlers learn best by incorporating repeated learning opportunities into day-to-day activities. In early intervention, families and early interventionists work together to promote natural learning opportunities for the child during the family’s daily routines. That is how Early Intervention is different from school or therapy for older children. Research has shown that children learn best through repeated daily interactions with their parents and caregivers in their natural environment. The learning that occurs with the parents and child between early intervention visits is what makes the greatest impact for that child and family.

The amount of support or service that a child and family receives depends on their individualized prioritized needs. Visits can occur at a variety of places to include in the home, at the child’s daycare, out in the community, or even at the playground. During home visits, early Interventionists support families using coaching models and provide a variety of strategies for families to consider and practice over time.