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About Us

BHI is a local premier electrical contracting company that prides itself on offering additional services such as civil & excavation, high voltage, mechanical, wireless and communications.

BHI is proud to be your turnkey construction, electrical and mechanical partner. We offer highly trained craftsmen in multiple trades.

Founding date
Founded in 1998 by Brad Haslem, BHI has grown into an organization fostering hundreds of employees with vastly diversified talents and experience.

Teaching, preaching, and practicing safety in the workplace is one key way for us to give back to those with whom we work. With an Experience Modifier Rating (EMR) of 0.68 (as of July 2014) along with a current twelve month rolling TRIR of 1.48 we know that our passionate devotion towards safety is evident in all that we do.

BHI's Divisions:
Instrumentation & Electrical
Civil & Excavation
Wireless & Communications